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05-01-2006 14:21:48

The trade FAQ wasn't too clear about this After the trade is complete and it says TR Creditted, are you supposed to just hide the trade or request deletion?


05-01-2006 14:55:43



05-01-2006 15:28:46

You should actually Hide it, in case you ever need to go back in the past to see who you traded. In case someone tries to scam, goes grey, or if you just had a great trade and wanted to trade with them again in the future.


05-01-2006 18:04:37

wait, deleting and hiding are different things?


05-01-2006 18:07:33


To hide it, just hides it from your list (you can see all trades by clicking on "Show Hidden Trades").

To delete it, deletes it from your Trade Module.

I always keep mine, just incase, but it's kind of like Gmail. Even though you delete them, they aren't properly deleted. Mods and Admins have an index of all deleted trades since the Trade Module came into existence.

So if you need help with a previous trade that you have delted, then you can ask a Mod or Admin and we should be able to help you.


05-01-2006 18:10:41

oh...i guess it's a good thing all i did was hide it them. i doubt i'll ever need it, but as long as i'm not looking at it anymore i'm happy