Advantage Language

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04-01-2006 17:43:36

Could one do Advantage Language more than once if one chose different languages each time? I think it would make sense, and would love to do this, as fluency in every language is something to strive after.


04-01-2006 18:27:31

While I agree fluency in every language is something to strive after, I think FreePay, Advantage Language, or any other freebie site would not like you signing up for basically the same offer more than once.


04-01-2006 18:28:26

Aye, indeed. Still, considering I'd be sampling different languages, one could lialmostli pretend there's a loophole.

Ah well.


04-01-2006 18:49:01

Makes sense, you could try it? I don't know, ask FreePay or whatever site you are doing it for.


04-01-2006 19:11:01

Yeah it makes sense since in essence, you would be signing up for something different each time.

I believe they have Advantage Language as well as Advantage Spanish which are both different offer.

Best bet is to speak to Jake or contact the site in question you are considering doing it for.


05-01-2006 13:32:57

I wanted to do it for DIY sites.