I want sign up for a site that I can...

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02-01-2006 19:41:32

I want to sign up for a site that i could get people to sign up for like 20 bucks per referral...like a 4-5 count referral base for cash...like is there a site that alot of people havn't done that is legit and not to hard to get referrals for?

And any site that offers good amount of money for earthlink dial up that doesn't take a month to pay out and credits on a timely manner?


02-01-2006 19:53:49

I'm doing OrderCells4Free.com. It's legit, it has Paypal, custom order and a nice selection of phones to choose from. I pay $18 for greens and I get a decent amount of interest in it.


02-01-2006 20:19:51

Any others, thx for your post tsj


02-01-2006 20:45:11

GetFriends network is shit at crediting at the moment. There's always TheFreeProject. shrug


02-01-2006 20:48:48

Never know when thefreeproject is going to mimick the Titanic


03-01-2006 17:17:12

Well thefreeproject dose take along time to payout (they credit fast and approve fast) About two months of processing but they are very legit.


03-01-2006 17:20:15

thats what everyone said about their original site. It went down and everyone received $15 per ref compensation which wasn't very fair...