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01-01-2006 13:10:47

I got my mom to do a referal for me at her home in mid November. She did a bingo offer, and never got credit. Now that I'm visiting her over winter break, I've been trying to teach her how to request manual credit. The owner of the site simply said

because they recently changed their requirements for the min deposit you
have to deposit another 20. I apologize for the headache."

But this can't be true, because she did the bingo way before they changed the requirement. Even for my account, I got credit, and she did her bingo site within a few days after I did mine.

I understand that they changed the requirement recently to $40, but just because she requested manual credit after the new requirement, doesn't mean that lucky4free didn't get affiliate credit for her depositing before the new requirement.

I've sent numerous e-mails and used the support console in the site asking him about this, and he never replied. Is he on a 3 week long vacation? Or is he just avoiding this whole situation?


01-01-2006 15:33:17

Well, ol' lucky revoked credit from everyone, and I see his site shutting down in a few months. He told someone they had to send back an item because they were dq'ed because of the bingo offer. He had done nothing wrong, never did the offer before, yet Lucky requested he send it back. Well, he didn't. I never got credit for an offer, and he never responded to my support ticket. I sent 3 in, but he refused to credit me. I had confirmation email and everything, I even showed him the charge.


01-01-2006 15:34:33

Wow that sucks. Guess the lucky4free network is pretty shady now. Thanks for the info. I'll just stay away.


01-01-2006 15:45:03

Yep,it used to be good as hell too...


01-01-2006 16:22:44

Its not really his fault, the bingo sites stopped paying out. They can't give out credit if they don't have the money to back it


01-01-2006 16:24:04

I understand that, but what he did to the people after that was kinda ridiculous. Same thing for He could offered some kind of compensation.


01-01-2006 17:15:34

Or at least he could have explained and replied to customers instead of just leaving them hanging.


01-01-2006 17:18:25

Well he is on A4F alot more than he is on here, and if you check over there, he has been keeping people up to date as to what is going on. If he doesn't have the cash to be able to give credit or ship gifts/Paypal, then there's not much more he can do about it.

All the sites who had those Bingo offers available are all going through the same shite, but as far as I can see, he is the only one who is fighting it and trying to get his cash and our credits.


01-01-2006 19:24:48

I'm pretty sure xcivicdx is his aim.