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01-01-2006 09:32:41

Okay. First off, if the same credit card is used just, maybe twice, within your referrals, will you get disqualified? And since I'm hoping the answer is no, but assuming its yes, then a way around it would be to buy a couple of simon visa gift cards? I don't know much about them except that they are like credit cards, but I heard somewhere that they will work.

Anyway, I was also wondering, how many different free ipod sites are there, (i.e. newvideoipods4u, ipods.freepay, premiumipods) what are they, and what are the differences?

Sorry this is so long but any help would be appreciated.


01-01-2006 16:02:26

1) If you use the same credit card on two offers, you have to use the same address, therefore disqualifying you from the site.

2) I can't really name them all, but here are some


Those are the main ones, a.k.a. the best. All of them have their downfalls

Freepay Slow Approval, yet fast shipment, and most understanding of all sites.

Offercentric (OC) Sometimes will put your refs on hold, but have fast approval and shipping times.

Transcendent Innovations (Trainn) 7-10 days Approval Time, VERY slow shipping times.

If I were you, I would most definitely start with Freepay, as you will have the best experience with them. If you have any questions, you can PM me, or AIM me.

Hope I helped,


03-01-2006 17:56:52

Do those gift cards that act sort of like credit cards work though?