While You Are Waiting For Approval........

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31-12-2005 06:38:35

are u able to get more referrals?


31-12-2005 07:43:46

[quotee2d7dd524b="mpbollywoodking"]are u able to get more referrals?[/quotee2d7dd524b]
Ya, I'm pretty sure. I'm not sure however, if for example on Trainn sites, you get enough for the next prize level, that they will let you get it without having to go through approval again.


31-12-2005 12:22:52

You would definitely have to go through approval again if you got new referrals.
You could cancel your order and do this, yes.


31-12-2005 22:50:23

well, i haven't ordered yet. I'm waiting for approval. But, while you have your eight referrals, are u able to get more greens while being approved?