Ebay - No More Bidpay?

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27-12-2005 19:37:39

Bidpay is closing by the end of the year! Anyone have recommendations as to what other online money transaction system I can use to sell on ebay? Something with as much seller protect as bidpay would be nice.

(Paypal sucks)



27-12-2005 20:01:57

can you use neteller with ebay?? their member to member fees are only 2% so it isnt too bad, and it is very, very secure


28-12-2005 10:12:18

[quote0e09e02ebe="tonydanza92"]can you use neteller with ebay?? their member to member fees are only 2% so it isnt too bad, and it is very, very secure[/quote0e09e02ebe]
Most people don't have neteller accounts, and it is a longer process to set up than paypal.


31-12-2005 08:22:21

anyone ever use Western Union? I want to learn how to use it, but don't really understand how to. Seems like you have to go to a physical location to pick up your money, or something like that?


31-12-2005 09:01:45

That is pretty much of a scam from what I have heard.


31-12-2005 12:28:28

Just use PayPal if you aren't going to be receiving a ton of money.

I see you think PayPal sucks, but it's never done me wrong.


01-01-2006 04:24:13


Ebay has previously stated that it is just a venue. After acquiring paypal it has become more than a venue by listing in auctions whether the buyer accepts paypal (no other payment options listed) and allowing buyers to sort by paypal. Next, sellers with Paypal accounts that have issues such as chargebacks or stolen cards from buyers result in their ebay accounts being closed as well. In August 2005, it required that sellers who take paypal not refuse credit card payments, which result in fees. Beginning in January 2006, ebay now prohibits any online payment system except Paypal, as stated here. Ebay only gives Bidpay.com as its alternative, a company that has already gone out of business before the policy. This singularly requires that online payments through ebay must use ebay's system, paypal. Questions of illegality and antitrust have been raised over this new rule. Ebay specifically prohibits E-gold, a legitimate competitor to Paypal. Ebay's new policy states that taking an online payment system other than paypal will result in their account being banned.


01-01-2006 07:50:39

Bill, your avatar is freaky. And Paypal is by far the best online payment system ever, they never do anyone wrong, and fees are not that bad.


03-01-2006 18:32:28

i agree paypal can be a pain but its pretty good.

anyways western union can screw over the people in the deal


03-01-2006 19:24:39

egold as a legitimate alternative to paypal?
http//forum.freeipodguide.com/smilies_mod/upload/0acc3e12e7be8769bac6af50a5088718.gif[" alt=""/img0b82ce5304]
egold takes the term "shady" to incredible new heights.....

Paypal has never done me wrong. They do their best to protect both the sellers and buyers during transactions.99% of the people who hate paypal are just mad because they cant find a way to screw with the system.


03-01-2006 20:31:00

[quote5b5b370788="Averagejoe1039"]Bill, your avatar is freaky[/quote5b5b370788]

It's Pink FUCKING Floyd!


05-01-2006 12:33:55

[quote9205e8bac2="tylerc"][quote9205e8bac2="Averagejoe1039"]Bill, your avatar is freaky[/quote9205e8bac2]

It's Pink FUCKING Floyd![/quote9205e8bac2]

damn good cd too