Using the same credit card on multiple referrals...

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27-12-2005 11:12:09

Hey, don't flame me or anything, I was wondering if it was possible to use the same credit card on multiple referrals? The reason I ask this is because most of my friends who would sign up under my don't have their own credit cards and their parents think it's sketchy signing up on some site that looks like a scam (it's very hard to explain these things to skeptical parents). So anyway, I was wondering, does gratis have some way of checking what credit card number you used? If so, how? Wouldn't that be against some sort of privacy policy or something? Anyway, thanks for reading, please help me out here.



27-12-2005 11:22:11

No you cant do that. They will DQ you. I think they check CC's whenever you finish, they look if all your referrals used different CC's. Just dont do it.


27-12-2005 11:31:00

They dont see the actual number, but can find out of the same CC was used


27-12-2005 11:33:33

you will be dqed


27-12-2005 11:37:48

dairy-queened biatch


27-12-2005 12:18:29

lol dairy-queened? Ok, well thanks for the info.


27-12-2005 19:35:33

You could always get them to buy a Visa gift card. They sell them at many malls around the USA. Check Wells fargo bank sells them too.