please help me!!!

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25-12-2005 06:56:45

I have three questions
1. i am signed up for nanos.freepay and it says taht realarcade is instant verification but it has been 3 days, and it still says i havent completed an offfer, what should i do??
2. The same is happening for ps3.freepay, and i am signed up for instantcast.again, what should i try to do?
3.does anyone know how to cancel instantcast???

if you could please help me, it will be greatly appreciated! thank you


25-12-2005 08:00:38

realarcade takes about a week, instantcast also takes about a week, That's from my experience.

Just be patient. If done correctly, it will credit eventually.


25-12-2005 12:10:40

ok, thanks you, i needed that lol


25-12-2005 12:31:37

Yeah, some offers say it takes a couple of days or that they're "instant" but sometimes they're not. As long as you did your offer correctly and followed the steps, you should have no problem getting credited in a few days or so.


25-12-2005 12:43:38

Don't be freaked out if the offers don't credit when they say they are supposed to, it happens to everyone once and a while.

keep all emails when you do an offer and if they don't credit on freepay after 15 days create a support ticket notifying them of this, with your full conf email copy/pasted(include the header, date, sender info too.) I usually just edit out passwords/username info and thats it.

anyhow they generally will credit you after this.

As far as the instacast info, talking about cancelling offers here is considered fraud.

please see the rules for a further explanation


You should be able to find information for any service you sign up for at said services site though. I have yet to sign up for an offer, and then not been able to find a contact number/email for that service when I needed to.

hope this helps