Movie/Book Offers

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21-12-2005 17:31:05

I'm looking at offers for the IRC videocamera site and I see these Disney Movie Club, and these bookclubs and I'm just confused on how they work (and basically how much this is going to cost me). From what I read you pay for 3 books/movies at a discount rate and then you have to buy # more at full price?

Also are they even worth doing from a freebie perspective?


22-12-2005 04:18:13

I did it. You order them and I think it costs like 8 bucks but it takes like 3 or 4 weeks to actually get them. Then I think you have 2 weeks to decide if you want to keep them or not. If you decided you don't want to keep them the only thing you have to send back is the cat in the hat book. You can keep the bag and the other books. You just have to call them before you send it back. I sent the book back and gave the bag and other books to my nephew, he wears the dang thing every day. Hope that helps a bit.


22-12-2005 10:17:41

Yeah thanks that does help. I just hate having to send stuff back. IE I'm at college and wayyy to lazy to figure out/go to the post office.