How much does offer cost on most of the sites

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Mr. ChEkO StIcK

20-12-2005 07:37:51

Hey i want to know how much the offer cost on the sites.. Like what are the basic prices.. Because I am gonna to go put some money on my Credit card for i can do some offers but i was just wondering how much i should put on there..


20-12-2005 08:03:33

Some are free and some are pretty expensive, but I'd say they average $6-$8. Since it doesn't cost anything to join a site and browse the offers available, it might make sense to look at some of the offers yourself.

One way to help cover the cost of doing offers is to accept PayPal for acting as a referral for another FreeiPodGuide user. If you plan on trying to complete a site like, for example, one of our users is probably willing to pay you to sign up and complete an offer under him.

Here are the rules


If you have other questions, just ask.

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

20-12-2005 08:19:04

oh ok i am trying ti figure out how much i need to put on my simion card because i dont like using my CC over the net that much.. I think i might but about 10 dollars on it to get a couple of offers done.. And then ill go from there.. Because I have almost finish my Ds4free but only need 1 more person. But some guy had to create mutilple accounts soo i hope i can still get my prize if i get 1 more person to sign up..


20-12-2005 08:26:47

Multiple accounts are never a good thing.

$10 might not cover two offers. Why don't you decide which offers you're going to do, then put in enough money to cover them?

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

20-12-2005 08:32:01

yea i know there are not good...But if i do another offer will my account still go threw? Or will it be on hold? And how much does the offers cost thats a good idea.. I dont see the offers on that link you told me about.. Like whats the cheapest offers..


20-12-2005 22:55:41

Theres a lot of offers that are trials, which only cost 1 dollar for 7 days-3 weeks.

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

21-12-2005 07:59:16

yea i found that out..


21-12-2005 10:50:14

You should add about 20-30 dollars and do some sites for people then do more with the money they are paying you.

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

22-12-2005 13:17:52

yes i did a couple of sites just waiting for them to go green D