how legitimate is lucky4free?

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15-12-2005 13:05:06

i did 1 offer and it credited so quickly. then i did another one for a ref and its taking about 3 weeks already. also had someone do an offer for me 2 weeks ago and thats yellow as well. i'm really starting to question their legitimacy because i haven't recieved a response or anything. any ideas?


15-12-2005 13:14:01

i emailed them a week ago asking them about their vid ipods and i just got a email back today...

Ive heard nothing but good things from them so i guess their legit.


15-12-2005 13:32:24

They're legit. They have their own forum here and the owner is really cool. He has been haing problems with alot of the offers/advertisers saying that they aren't going to pay him which means he can't give credit, but he's working on it so hopefully it won't be too much longer.

I have one yellow who did a Bingo offer about 4 weeks ago, and I have another yellow who is going to do 3 1/3 offers instead of a Bingo.


15-12-2005 15:41:38

My $399 i got from them says they are legit D


15-12-2005 18:54:20

it's comforting to hear at least that some people know what's going on with lucky. i've had finals lately and have been MIA from the whole freebie scene. i've only been able to check the sites once a week, so when i see something yellow time and again, it raises an eyebrow. thanks though.