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14-12-2005 10:53:07

Hi, I want to start this site, but I don't know the first thing about cameras. Can you gives give me some basic specs I should consider in deciding which one to get? Or can you just recommend which camera I should go for? Also does anyone know how many refs it takes? Thanks!


14-12-2005 11:22:59

I'm going for the Sony Cybershot DSCM1 because it looks cool and it is worth the most money. It takes 10 referrals.


14-12-2005 11:52:04

I would ask TSJ he's the camera man


14-12-2005 12:35:15

Thanks for the info. So anyone need me as a free digital camera referal? Trade Or cash is fine =]


15-12-2005 12:53:03

Dscm-1 is definitly incredible...I received it from Freepay and I am damn happy with it!! Works great...until my cousins kicked it and broke the LCD screen...ANYWAY....Its damn good!!


15-12-2005 13:09:25

As with anything, it depends on what you want. I'm goin for the DCT7 because I already have a C-8080. The C-8080 is an awesome camera and good for when I want to do some quality photography, but it's BIG. I can't just stick it in my pocket. Now when I get my DCT7 I'll have the best of both worlds )

As for specs, they're all fairly similar. I'd go with anything but the Kodak..


27-12-2005 19:39:33

Got my trades locked in, Just waiting for them to green. Hopefully I'll figure out what I want by then =]