Question about different sites

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13-12-2005 13:26:31

Some sites look like they have different URLs that point to the same site. For example,, and Does this mean that once you are registered with freeipods, you are registered with both domains? Are there more sites like this?


13-12-2005 13:36:17

yes they are the same site and that holds true with amost all freepay sites as they used to be gratis network and thats werethe urls and so on came from they now all have freepay in the url but all the old links still work but they are exactly the same site as they just redirect you to the same page


13-12-2005 13:46:23

So if i'm already on ipods. freepay, would I still be able to register for things like pcs. freepay, laptops.freepay, etc?


13-12-2005 13:48:00

yes you can do every different freepay site once so you can sign for ipods, laptop, gamingsytem, each one time