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13-12-2005 07:02:09

so i'm involved in a trade where i have to sign up for the guy wants me to do an instant offer so i see the video professor looks like the least painful. when i click on the offer, there are now two showing. one is for an actual CD for $6.95 s/h and the other is to try online for free. can i do the online offer so i dont have to charge my cc?


13-12-2005 11:06:39

Yes, you can do any offer that they present to you. The online offer is probably cheaper since you won't get charged for shipping, etc. However, even for the online offer, VideoProfessor might charge your credit card a small amount (ie $1) and then refund it just to make sure your credit card is legit.


13-12-2005 16:39:31

So are they two different offers?

Edit I really want to do this offer, but I can't find it