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12-12-2005 10:39:51

Alright I orderd my $185 paypal on 10/26/2005 1141 PM it's now 12/12/05. The latest they said I would have to wait was 12/10/05 (at the very latest) I thought that since the 10th was a saturday i would get paid today but that hasn't been the case. I am really counting on this $185 to buy christmas gifts with dose anyone think all get it in time?


12-12-2005 13:14:34

If you haven't done laptops.freepay you can get some early christmas shoppnig via a gc ;) Pm me for more details and yeah that sucks


12-12-2005 13:32:09

TheFreeProject sent me a iPod Nano.... after two months of processing.


12-12-2005 14:29:12

Looks like I'm in for a wait then (


12-12-2005 14:34:32

their site is kinda slow... but they will send the gifts from what I heard


12-12-2005 14:58:55

I don't doubt that they will its just if they will do it on time.


12-12-2005 17:03:15

yeah, i have started working on thefreeproject ipods. i haven't heard much about the site, and was wondering what is up. is it legit, and how long does it take after i have my 5 refs?


12-12-2005 23:47:25

I think you guys should look at this forum


They have a forum for thefreeproject and representative.


13-12-2005 00:14:57

Thanks i joined the forums maybe they will be more help there theres one freeproject rep on this site but he olny has like 7 posts and almost never answers his pm's


13-12-2005 07:09:42

It's supposed to be on December 14th (today!)


13-12-2005 16:40:02

Isn't the owner Jesse of Gear Live?


13-12-2005 16:41:51

[quote6085021a4f="Strike"]Isn't the owner Jesse of Gear Live?[/quote6085021a4f]No Jesse owns


13-12-2005 17:09:16

this = why you dont depend on free sites for important $$


13-12-2005 17:37:48

All gifts and consolation payments will be sent out on the 14th.


13-12-2005 18:20:27

Alright thank you very much, However you guys might wanna speed things up alittle two months processing for $185 is kinda crazy.



14-12-2005 21:44:12

[quote8f2adaff03="TheFreeProject"]All gifts and consolation payments will be sent out on the 14th.[/quote8f2adaff03]

I just thought you guy's might like to know that they didn't make good on this heres the message i got.

Order ID Order Status Order Date
3 Delayed until 15th 10/26/05

Pray for us awaiting are items please.


15-12-2005 19:03:45

Your payment was sent today.


16-12-2005 09:38:12

Thanks TheFreeProject.

Heres a link to my brag bag thread http//

ben laden

18-12-2005 01:58:35

The Free Project is awesome. I spent a couple months waiting for my prize, but I ended up getting an iPod VIDEO when I had ordered an iPod COLOR because in the time I was being processed, Apple switched to Videos. It was awesome.


18-12-2005 12:30:02

Ha nice.


19-12-2005 01:50:01

Dunno if i even want to try this site


19-12-2005 17:09:19

^you probly don't


20-12-2005 01:32:03

In the next month or so, users will have to wait 1 month at most. We will ship out all the gifts each month. In the next 2 or 3 months, we will begin bi-weekly or even weekly shipments.


21-12-2005 00:16:51

dammit, The free project rocks. I'll probably attempt at least 3 more of their sites.