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Erin P

10-12-2005 08:31:01

I'm really new at this. I would like a video Ipod from

My question is once I get one, can I get a second with the same account? Or you can't get two from one account, which is why a lot of people say they can't do some offers anymore.



10-12-2005 08:43:27

Yeah you can't get two from the same account. It's one gift per household on one account. But you can do the freepay premium ipod site after your done with the freepay ipod site.


10-12-2005 08:49:18

There's also many other sites you can use, check out all of the companies with forums on here!

Erin P

10-12-2005 09:09:40

I have another question... I made one of my referrals myself and completed an offer before I knew that they could track accounts (through IP?). I'm not even sure how that works. I wanted to try out both offers, and this was before I knew about this site.

But, will my account be on hold? My first offer took five days to complete. It will be the fifth day for my second offer tomorrow. So I'm expecting it to go through, hopefully.

Any thoughts?


10-12-2005 09:10:37

Your going to be put on hold most definetly.


10-12-2005 09:18:07

http//[" alt=""/img5b89b8baad]


10-12-2005 09:25:43

theres a 100% chance you will get put on hold.


10-12-2005 09:28:19

Yeah just forget about it and go for another site.

Erin P

10-12-2005 09:49:07

( That sucks.

Any idea how long before I'm not on hold anymore?


10-12-2005 09:54:18

Come to think of it, you can't do any freepay sites anymore because they will all be put on hold. Way to start out your freebie world by screwing up the biggest company in it!


10-12-2005 09:58:20

Jake could save you.....

But your chances are slim.....

Erin P

10-12-2005 10:11:27

How do I get ahold of Jake? I'll try anything if it means I won't be on hold

This REALLY sucks.


10-12-2005 10:12:55

Send in a support ticket, say that you made an account under yourself before you knew you couldn't, and ask them to delete your second account.


10-12-2005 10:16:09

Or click here to PM Jake[=http//]click here to PM Jake and he might help you out in your situation.


10-12-2005 12:04:56

Yeah like they said Jake may be able to help you, but if not you should probably try Trainn or something else to get your video iPod.


10-12-2005 12:16:46

They track other things besides IP/Address

I think you're screwed


10-12-2005 19:25:25

[quote6b4a53175f="CoMpFrEaK"]I think you're screwed[/quote6b4a53175f]
Oh yea, welcome to the forums lol


10-12-2005 19:44:49

I suggest get a video ipod from


10-12-2005 19:55:01

Good luck dude. Talk to Jake....if your lucky, you MAY be able to do freepay sites......