Credit Cards? or a secondary one?

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09-12-2005 16:56:34

Would you normally use your regular credit card to complete offers on Trainn? Or do you guys have something else that you use?

I use Commerce Bank for my bank account stuff. Any Suggestions?



09-12-2005 16:57:14



09-12-2005 17:07:14

What are the minimum requirements for this? and how reliable is it?

Thanks for the quick reply..


09-12-2005 17:08:23

You use a cc to make a prepaid cc. The minimum requirements is $20 with a $5 processing fee every time you load. I've used it alot and haven't had any troubles with it.


09-12-2005 20:06:20

That's pretty cool. I'll be sure to sign up for an account tomorrow morning. Any suggestions of what amount I should put in if I'm doing the point-based trainn video ipod offer?


12-12-2005 00:24:21

normal cc works fine o


12-12-2005 18:50:49

Don't do that, $5 processing fee is rediculous. I went to my local bank and bought a gift card (which is basically a debit card) and used that. The processing fee is only like $2.


12-12-2005 20:28:24

Get a credit card with virtual CC numbers, like Citi. I love virtual numbers.