Nervous Newbie!

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08-12-2005 14:00:28

I'm new to all of this. I have only signed up for 3 sites so far. They are all FreePay sites as listed below in my signature.

I am interested in doing some trading but what makes me the most nervous is that I have no idea what kind of offers other free sites are doing. With FreePay there are always 2-3 offers that are pretty easy to complete. Calling in and canceling something is not a worry to me so that should help make me easy to trade with.

It's the stuff that forces you to stay past 30 days to get credit that makes me a little nervous. I don't want to agree to a trade only to find out a site doesn't offer much worth trying.

Is all this trade business a lot easier than I am making it out to be?


08-12-2005 14:13:10

If your nervous Id stick to the freepay sites till your more comfortable, there are other good sites out there Train is good as well. Stick to freepay though if you like the offers and are afraid to try newer sites.


08-12-2005 14:15:33

You can always ask others to tell you the offers on their site. It is only a matter of copy and paste...


08-12-2005 14:38:10

btw, no talking of canceling on the forums.


08-12-2005 14:41:45

Ahh, yes, sorry about that.

Just an FYI when I helped a buddy get his xbox360 I tried out the Rhapsody and kept it.

I'm all about giving an offer a real try. It's the right thing to do IMO.


08-12-2005 14:43:22

thats good, me too, blockbuster so far is still my favorite...1800 patches, not so much.


08-12-2005 22:25:59

I have my own web server. It's pretty powerful. Has anyone ever offered free web hosting for refs?