TRs through the roof!

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08-12-2005 13:24:27

I just have a quick question about TR. I have seen quite a few people on the forum with insane amount of TR, like in the hundreds. And some of them want to do more trades and cash offers! I'm just wondering how this is possible with the limited number of "free stuff" sites. I mean really there can't be more than 50 or 60 right? Or is there something I'm missing?


08-12-2005 13:30:43

trades for paypal, some people have their friends do it etc


08-12-2005 17:29:15

I think a lot of people 30 TR and up pay mostly, and do very few trades from then on. Like AirKat said, some people with very high TR get it from having their friends do offers for them.


08-12-2005 17:51:06

um yes there might be only 50 or 60 ref sites...

but think, for at least each site there's a minimum of 3 referrals.. [b2713fe3b52]at least[/b2713fe3b52] on average that is...

so we're talking in the hundreds here.


08-12-2005 18:08:52

sweed has like 185


08-12-2005 18:25:31

[quote8997c76ad6="SkeetBoopTurd"]sweed has like 185[/quote8997c76ad6]


Top TR and Karma, Lowest TR and Karma.. etc.


08-12-2005 19:40:09

Well I just use a different formula then most.

Most people join ipods.freepay (example) then refer 2 friends for free. Then they might come here for the last 2-3.

I think thats a horrible thing to do to your friends. Now your friends have 0 referrals and have to come here for all 5.

So now your TR would be 3 and each of your 2 friends 5 when they finish ipods.freepay.

Me on the other hand I trade for them for cash. So they make anywhere from $500-$800 and then can buy there own ipod and have some money left over to finish another site.

Plus this leaves me with HUGE TR

And you know what they say about a guy with a high TR dont you?

He never, ever goes first. lol

Thus insuring my friends dont get ripped off.


08-12-2005 19:54:12

105 TR shock You just passed tmberwolf who is at 104. Sweedfish better watch his ass.


08-12-2005 20:21:59

oh nos


08-12-2005 20:28:26

tmberwolf is at 111.


08-12-2005 20:37:34

[quoteaf845d8b1e="ilanbg"]tmberwolf is at 111.[/quoteaf845d8b1e]

Yea bastard had whole bunch go through last night and today. lol

Im gonna get you Wolf


08-12-2005 20:39:53

You just need to get another friend to do another 100000 sites...


09-12-2005 07:35:26

Ok, I understand the buying refs thing. That could really get it high. But I'm not sure how having your friends do offers could get your TR high. Don't they have to have their own account? Or do they do it through you?


09-12-2005 08:03:13

Not necessarily, their friends may not want to get involved so they do it through a high TR friend and it makes trading a lot easier.


09-12-2005 11:46:20

I remember when I had a huge tr and post count sighhh


09-12-2005 12:34:45

[quote1d445243c3="PoPoJiJo"]I remember when I had a huge tr and post count sighhh[/quote1d445243c3]
What happened?


09-12-2005 15:28:54

I've done like 3 or 4 trades but still haven't credited for them so I just gave up.