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07-12-2005 19:49:40

Ok, I got credit on, but the person I did the site for has yet to get me to turn green.......

It says I'm green when i log on.....but for him it says I'm yellow......what should we do?


07-12-2005 19:50:53

It is green for him if it is green for you. Make him take a screenshot. Good chance he is scamming you.


07-12-2005 19:52:22

that other person is me, i have no idea what is going on but yea basically his site says completed an offer and it doesn't show up on mine, we've waited over a day now.

lieditli not scamming, he and i are trying to find out whats going on


07-12-2005 20:07:39

We have sent eachother make sure it was our own screenies we had eachothers aim chat going...........

gah whats going on!!!!!!!!


07-12-2005 20:11:07

Is he even showing up on your site at all? If he is, then the 1st thing you should do is contact Trainn (support ticket) because there's not really much that we can do about it.


07-12-2005 20:57:55

I sent in a support ticket so hopefully will show up soon.


09-12-2005 10:23:25

matter resolved, trainn fixed the problem


10-12-2005 09:54:23

Yes......thank you trainn!!!!!!!