PM help please

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07-12-2005 01:09:09

My outgoing messages are all in my outbox.....NONE are going to my sent folder. Does this mean that the people I am sending them to are not getting them? Thanks!


07-12-2005 01:23:51

when you send PMs, they go immediately into your outbox. They move the the sentbox only after the receiver looks at them. Hope that helps.


07-12-2005 01:25:33

I appreciate the quick answer from both you and Jump. I guess this guy is no longer looking at his PMs from me....after I paid him 35.00 of coarse!! LOL Thanks!


07-12-2005 01:42:11

well, don't forget to be a little patient. Not everyone checks their PMs every day. I don't know how long it's been, but I'd try not to panic for at least a day or two. )


07-12-2005 01:45:21

Yeah, I can jump the gun, and I try not to. It is been 11 days since I paid him 35.00, and nothing has been done yet as far as I can tell. He did sign up, but for credit he needed to submit a support ticket....that was not done yet.