Refs Getting Reds

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06-12-2005 02:07:45

I was just wondering. God forbid D , if any of my refs get reds, what happends to my account? Also how do you tell if your own account has been put on hold. I'm working on premiumipods.freepay.


06-12-2005 08:27:25

If any of your referals get put on hold, they will turn grey I believe. This will not affect your account in any way , except for the fact that you lost 1 referal. If your account gets put on hold, it'll say "your account is on hold" when you log in.


06-12-2005 15:38:49

thanks for the clear answer...i would hate to see that happen.


06-12-2005 16:06:00

Yeah, grey's suck. Especially when they are falsely labeled.