Is this allowed? Canadian CreditCard, American Address

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05-12-2005 19:50:08

I see that there are alot more offers for Americans then Canadians. I'm just wondering am I able to use my Credit card to sign up for the offers and then use my parents address in Indiana as the shipping location?

I wanted to trade with people, but if Canada only has a couple offers I wont be getting very far without paying people.
I need some referrals for my free ipod (



08-12-2005 09:46:56

anyone know if this is allowed? I don't want my account cancelled if
I do this and its against the rules.


08-12-2005 10:10:42

I could be wrong...but i don't think this is allowed


08-12-2005 10:32:26

Anyone know for sure? I don't even think they would know the difference would they.

The only reason I would put there address is if I can't sign up for an offer because I live in Canada. I would sign up using my name and credit card info and just their address for the free item to be shipped to. They wouldnt sign up themselves so it wouldnt be more than one membership at a household.
I'm down there all the time so I just thought it would be simple that I could just pick it up whenever it gets shipped. I do it all the time for ebay auctions that they dont allow shipping to Canada.