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05-12-2005 19:48:23

Hey, I just joined this site, and I must say I haven't done anything like thie stuff before, so I'm trying to get my bearings straight.

So, first question. I have gathered so far that one thing you can/are supposed to do is when you fill out an offer (I filled one out for a RealArcade pass or something on that freePS3 site) is have it cancelled so you can use the same offer again (I hope that's right). My question is, you can endlessly do this, with the same credit card number and e-mail and everything, and the company won't get suspicious or track you somehow?

Also, for trading requests (I'm just making sure) you don't necessarily have to give or offer money, but do trades for free? Like "I'll do a referral for you, if you do a referral for me" kind of thing?

And how are you supposed to give the referral link if you're not allowed to post it/e-mail it/pm it to anyone?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm really kind of confused about all this, even though I read all the rules and tutorials and stuff...


05-12-2005 20:05:22

1. Alright to begin with [be000420623]we don't talk about cancelling offers here[/be000420623] "you are supposed to do them with the intent of trying them and keeping them"

2. if you don't like the offer after reasonably trying it you can cancel

3. You can only do each offer once, like jump said its fraud

hope that helps
edit shortened answer because jump is the shit and can put it better then I can


05-12-2005 20:07:10

First off, welcome D

Second, you should probably read the rules and definitely the FAQ.

We don't talk about cnacelling offers on this forum, and what you meantioned is considered frauding of the free sites and can result in your accounts being placed on hold. You are supposed to do the offers that interest you.

As for the trading, you can offer anything you want to in return for someone doing a site for you.

The Admin carved from marble our very own trade module (no other freebie site/forum has anything like it) where you can have all information about your trades. Who you are trading with, what site they are doing, what site you are doing, if paypal is involved, their current status and of course the links you are supposed to use to sign up for the sites.

All of these questions are covered in the FAQ at the top of this forum so you really should give it a read.


06-12-2005 14:20:19

Thanks for the info. I'm sorry about the cancellation stuff. Some friend was telling me that's what I should do, and I wasn't too sure.