Is this "Technique" legit ?

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05-12-2005 18:26:58


I recently was on ebay, and came across this


Basically, the guy is selling an ebook that tells you how to receive a bunch of electronics directly from manufactures with no cost(shipping sometimes maybe ?)

He also claims that its totally legal...

Im kind of skeptical on this one. But looking at his 100% positive feedback on ebay also keeps me wondering...

I just wanted to know if anyone of you have tried this, or know something about this, and tell me if its worth buying that ebook.



05-12-2005 20:10:05

if this guy has teh ability to get all these things for free and to order mass items at 1/10 the price why is he bothering to sell the info for 13.00

smells something awful to me

and in response to the feedback its probably because he sells you everything he says he will like all the ebooks


05-12-2005 20:22:04

Look at his feedback. He has only been a member for less than a month. Most of the items feedback was left for are private. And a bunch of the people have private feedback scores or no longer registered. Definitally too fishy. I really don't trust any of the ebook sales on ebay.


05-12-2005 20:32:15

yeah def fishy I didnt scroll back on the feedback to realize that 98% of them are private and alot are the same people and alot have ebook in their names so im sure he just used ebooks to boost his feedback real quick


05-12-2005 20:35:05

Not to mention the "desktop PC with multimedia sound system" isn't exactly a picture.


05-12-2005 20:59:39

I was just looking at his firsts feedbacks.... Bunch of virtual items for less than $1, just to boost feedback...

Now the picture is more clear.