In an Urgent NeEd Of HelP, PAY FOR OFFERS???? =(

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04-12-2005 22:41:55

i don get one thing do i really have to complete the offer by purchasing it, e.g every single one of the offers says order our product, and u'll get let's say 15 days of free trial, and then $9.99 or w/e... Is there another way to get the free stuff, without actually paying for anything? THANK YOU...and PLEASE HELP!


04-12-2005 22:51:38

There are a lot of 100% free offers out there. For example, AOL offers give you 1 month free! If you decide you don't need AOL within that month, then you are free to cancel by calling them, and you will not get billed for anything. Just remember that you have to legitimently try to offers =]

Another popular free offer is which usually gives you credit instantly.


04-12-2005 23:40:11

Yes there are free offers and there are offers that will cost you something, anywhere between $1 and $10 for non-Casino/Bingo sites.

You will need a Credit Card for every single offer though, whether it is free or not.


06-12-2005 18:00:21

ya but i can't find AOL's offer in dat list =(


06-12-2005 18:03:04

It isn't offered all the time or on every site. The offers will cycle with some new ones and take out some every once in a while.