VOB ---> AVI Need Help

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04-12-2005 08:07:29

i need to convert these ripped VOB files.... to avi or something before 200 today...anyone have any help?


04-12-2005 10:12:12

FairUse Wizard is an EASY EASY EASY program for converting DVD's to AVI.


However, it requires that the VOB files be on a DVD for some reason. So in order to convert your VOB files to AVI you'd need to burn them to a DVD first then run FairUse on the DVD.

Otherwise, I think you can use DVDShrink to remove any CSS encryption and compress the VOB's for burning to a single layer DVD.


Good luck.


04-12-2005 16:46:05

Check out videora.com


04-12-2005 17:06:35

You should've gotten DVD Decrypter and AutoGK.


05-12-2005 06:25:29

[quoteca2ded0ea1="Tholek"]You should've gotten DVD Decrypter and AutoGK.[/quoteca2ded0ea1]

Same things I use o