How Long Does It Take To Get Referals and To Recieve Ur iPod

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04-12-2005 06:12:08

I Signed Up About 2 Weeks Ago And Finding It Hard To Get Referals. Whats The Quickest Way And How Long Does It Take To Get Ur iPod Shipped And Stuff! Thanks


04-12-2005 06:34:05

not sure this belongs here.


04-12-2005 06:55:07

LordStevo, I'm moving this to the Help section.

The best way to get referrals is to use this site to trade or offer cash. Take a few minutes to read the rules before you get started, and let me know if you have any questions.


04-12-2005 10:38:40

Well, the biggest ones are trading, and real life friends.

But trust me, if your new, you probably won't be getting many referrals yet.


04-12-2005 11:19:35

yeah, ask your real life friends, don't hesitate to, just be convincing


04-12-2005 14:42:11

lol, why do you capitalize all your words?


04-12-2005 14:49:23

haha, I hate when people do that.


04-12-2005 18:06:52

He Must Be Like 15 Or Something...wait


04-12-2005 18:39:11

Yeah using friends and real people you know are a good start. Just today I got 3 friends going nuts about doing these sites.


05-12-2005 08:37:21

My friends are asshole skeptics. I tried showing them all the proof that these are legit, but they wouldn't listen. Now I'm going to laugh when I finally get my XBox 360, and they don't get to play it. Then they'll want me to help them sign up for things, and I'll tell them to either do 2 of mine first or kiss my ass.