What's going to happen?

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03-12-2005 16:24:51

I'm in the process of doing a trade with a newbie on another site. I don't know if it was an accident or on purpose but he joined my nano site twice with 2 different email address's. Am I going to be put on hold or will he just go red once I try to get approved? Anybody have an idea of whats going to happen?


03-12-2005 16:52:55

What nano site? Have him put a support ticket to explain the situation and ask to put ONE of his accounts on hold in order to continue with the other.


03-12-2005 17:06:15

Freepay's nano site.


03-12-2005 17:19:28

He may or may not go red for you, but you shouldn't get put on hold. If he only completes an offer and uses 1 account, then he and you should be OK. Can't hurt to PM Jake and tell him about it, and see if you are OK.


03-12-2005 17:26:16

PM to Jake sent, hopefully this won't hurt me.