ipodnanosfree.com ? legit?

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01-12-2005 15:37:12

wanting to do a nano site other than freepay and trainn and found this one, refs amount are resonable to freepay and trainn, just wanted to know if they are legit and the offers are good ones and not a lot of OOD especially towards the end.


01-12-2005 16:16:31

ipodnanos4free.com = 2 ref lower - if it's not trainn/freepay )


01-12-2005 21:50:17

i heard that once you get closer to the end of your refs that only offers of doom show up, so i don't think it would be worth it, does anyone else know about this site i was wondering about?


05-12-2005 11:03:31

which 1 OC or FREENOW?


05-12-2005 11:37:33

its the free now network site