Why would an offer not be credited?

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29-11-2005 03:59:57

I'd just like to start off by saying I apologize if I go overboard..I'm a bit frustrated right now..

anyway, I completed an offer for a trainn site and I got to the point of filing a missing credit request but its been almost a month now and still no credit. I tried another trainn site and did a different offer which was suppose to be instant but anyway, it has been nearly a week and I no credit thus far. Today, I cancelled my membership with the first offer I did and this is where I got really frustrated because I could see they had all my information, I even had a member number and everything so I knew I was signed up properly and did everything correctly. I'm currently waiting to see if anything happens with the the offer(partypoker) I did on the second trainn site. I played many real money hands, had my account verified and all that. So I knew that I signed up properly...

So back to my main question..what possible reason could these companies have for not crediting me? =/

and btw, the firt offer I mention is a canadian one..Reservation Rewards.


29-11-2005 09:15:09

yea ive done offers for 2 sites, and just havent got credited, its pissin me off, one i had to pay the guy back and the second im completin another one, so some of it is just plain bullshit, stay away from earnfreegamingsystems and camera.freeproject.


29-11-2005 11:18:45

Various things, what browser did you use?

Do you allow cookies, or popups?

Kind of internet do you have?


29-11-2005 18:34:09

I used IE 6.0, cookies are allowed but I have the google toolbar which blocks popups... I have a broadband connection... and I have completed an offer with freeipods..the two sites that I cant seem to get credited for are yourfreeflatscreen and yourfreevideoipod

problem seems to be with Trainn..do they have any important popups that I may have missed?


29-11-2005 19:46:42

Since I started using only IE 6.0, with no google toolbar, popups enabled, accepting all cookies, and clearing cookies before I do an offer, i've been credited within a day on all sites I've done.


29-11-2005 21:19:17

Try submitting a customer service inquiry in addition to the missing credit request. That is what I did and they gave me credit a couple days later.


30-11-2005 03:10:12

well they gave me credit for the first site I did..woot!