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28-11-2005 14:34:46

Hi, I recently got my girlfriend into this freebie madness, but she owns a Mac... and a lot of offers arn't mac compatable (stamps,bingos,casinos).

I brought my laptop over to her apartment to help her out and let her complete offers on my laptop. I just want to make sure this won't get me in trouble, because I did use the same laptop to sign up at home, but I'm thinking different IP address will mark the difference.

Anyways, thanks in advanced for helping.


28-11-2005 14:35:25

Was it to sign up for a freepay site?


28-11-2005 16:29:20

Why would that matter?


29-11-2005 08:36:12

Thanks for the help. Someone AIMed me and told me to just clear cookies, and make sure they are enabled again. That should be all the precaution i need.


29-11-2005 08:43:22

Why would that matter?[/quote41c5969d42]

Because Freepay seems to put more accounts on hold for dumb stuff like that. Good luck explaining it then.


02-12-2005 20:47:26

Your computer has a MAC address (google it) which uniquely identifies your computer (sort of - it can be changed with a bit of work) that may be used by some companies to as part of fraud prevention.


02-12-2005 20:50:36

Shouldn't be too much of a problem, in my opinion.

If she wants to trade, let me know )


02-12-2005 20:50:43

Wow.. too late now. Already did a few sites. I guess I'll see if I get my free gifts or not. I'll update eventually on how it goes. Thanks again for all the help.


03-12-2005 12:53:47

...Is it bad that I'm thinking of getting a PC solely to do the PC-only freebie offers?

I think probably.


06-12-2005 17:07:51

[quote8d544c2904="ilanbg"]...Is it bad that I'm thinking of getting a PC solely to do the PC-only freebie offers?

I think probably.[/quote8d544c2904]
Why don't you just get a free one? D