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28-11-2005 10:21:40

Hi, I have just completed my first freebie site (freenanos.freepay). One of the referals I had was my parents who live in a different house than I do. I will be visiting and staying there over Winter break. Do you think it would be a problem if I used thier shipping address instead of the one I registered with, even though they were one of my referals? I don't want freepay to start thinking I was refering myself or anything.

The only reason I want to use my parent's address is because I will be there over winter, and I don't want to miss the delivery of my nano. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


28-11-2005 10:23:59

You might want to PM Jake about this.

But personally, I would not send my free gift to one of my referrals house, even if it's my parents. Freepay has no way of knowing this for sure so they can easily assume that you referred yourself. Etc..


28-11-2005 12:02:50

Better safe than sorry for sure.


28-11-2005 13:54:21

Thanks for the help. Guess I'll wait until after winter break to request my gift.


01-12-2005 07:22:15

Also after you get approved. How long does it take for them to actually ship it/ for me to receive it?