Are Conga Lines any good?

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24-11-2005 20:11:34

My friend who I have traded with b4 set up a Conga set, but I was always wary of em. What prevents people from being a friend of the Conga manager and getting all the refs? Well, I will prolly sign up for one of these cause I would be first on list for most of em. Anyone have any good experiences with Congas?


24-11-2005 20:15:18

No, congas are awful (in my opinion). I would much rather trade for refs than join any conga, most of which only work for the first person in the conga at best.

My advice, stick to trading for refs. It may be a bit more work, but it is worth it.


24-11-2005 20:15:22

wow that isn't advertising using a question is it? Generally speaking because people always put themselves on top of a conga and because so many just pop up that few people sign up for each conga, congas are a bad idea.


24-11-2005 20:26:26

Please remove the Conga link please, thank you please.

Discussion about Conga's is fine, but just don't post links to them.


25-11-2005 06:18:48

Anyone here?


26-11-2005 13:38:21

Congas are good when they're relatively new. If not, there's no point signing up cause it won't benefit you in anyway.


26-11-2005 22:00:41

Congas, suck from every stand point. D


27-11-2005 22:59:45

congas are good if you're in the first batch of people.. free refs and stuff but th e first batch of people always are the people who run the site so i gotta agree with other people here that trading ref's might cost more but it's way more reliable


27-11-2005 23:19:24

Yeah, congas are only good when you're in the first three or so people, depending on how much it moves.


07-12-2005 23:24:49

congas are by definition a pyramid scheme. They pay off current "investors" with future "investors" money ...or in this case trades. They aren't technically illegal when no direct cash transfer is involved, but there is a reason that they are illegal, someone always ends up getting screwed!! Stay away from congas.