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24-11-2005 18:13:44

Ok, so I've had the video iPod for about a month now, courtesy FreePay. I want to put videos on the iPod (I know, how cliche'.) and have read through all the steps and processes. For some reason or another, when I insert the DVD into the DVD drive and open Decrypter (running along with videora) my DVD never recognizes. Any reasons as to why? Any help would be appreciated.



26-11-2005 06:19:34

li Bump li

Anyone have any sollutions? By the looks of it no.


26-11-2005 08:59:31

I don't have a video iPod yet, but I thought I'd try to help by showing you this link that's on the wrong pag



28-11-2005 11:48:45

Hey, I might have an answer. I'm not sure if that's what you meant by Videora, but usually you have to run the DVD (play it from a program like WinDVD) in order to "unlock" the drive before you rip it. Otherwise it will give you an error similar to the one you're having. Let me know if that fixes the problem. Doom9[=http//]Doom9 might also be a good place to get some help on this...