Not getting credit...

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24-11-2005 16:25:05

I know this topic has been covered several times but i was wondering if i was doing some stuff wrong, because i haven't been getting credit for a lot of offers. I use IE, allow all cookies, and clear the cookies before i do the offer. is there something else i'm supposed to be doing or am i just out of luck?


24-11-2005 16:31:35

What site is this on? I have the same problem on Trainn's.


24-11-2005 16:39:32

im waiting for 2 offers to green on freepay one is on its like 10th day the other is on its first. It's really aggravating but whatever.


24-11-2005 16:52:14

yeah mine have been for both Trainn and Freepay, so i just figured it was something i was doing.


24-11-2005 17:18:51

I really don't know...