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23-11-2005 23:18:15

Hi everyone,

First off, I am completely new to all of this, but I have a general understanding of how it works.

I would like to receive a free 30 - 60 GB Video iPod and/or an Xbox 360 Premium Package.

Should I be trying items this high in value since I am just starting out?

What is the easiest way to get referalls?

I don't have paypal so I think it will be a bit more difficult for me, but I can always send you money through postal mail, no? (If I am paying cash for your referall).

Would I be able to send someone a misc item, like DVDs and Xbox games for your referall (would rather you to possibly take care of all 8 referalls if possible).

I could try and hook myself up with paypal, but I would really rather not at the moment, but if it's that neccesary...

Thanks for the read, hope it wasn't too long.

Any help greatly appreciated! wink


24-11-2005 06:11:01

I think it is neccasary that you get paypal if you plan on paying for referrals.

If you choose to send money through the mail and someone actually accepts that, you would have to send it first then wait the few days that it would take to get to them. There is also no way you can confirm that they received it if they say they didn't unless you put tracking and insurance on it which seems to be a lot of hassle and extra money.

People may accept other items from you but like before you would have to send it first and get delivery confirmation and insurance. I don't think however, that someone would get all 8 referrals for you. Because if they could get all of them for you, they would just get all of them for themselves.

Also, starting out with an item for less refs may be benificial because you can see how the free site game works. But that's just my opinion.


24-11-2005 07:26:05

1. youll need paypal,

2. Some people offer gifts for refs, but paypal is a more "wanted" item

3. Easiest way is to pay or trade (nearly impossible to get someone to sign up for free)
4. DO TRAINN. lol

5. Good Luck!


24-11-2005 11:16:50

Thanks guy's.

liWorks on trying to get