De-Registering with Offer providers before recieving iPod?

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22-11-2005 16:12:07

I'm new to this whole thing. I have read the FAQ, and scanned the first couple of pages in the Newbie forum section.

I signed up with freepay for a 30gig video ipod. My 5 friends and I all signed up with an offer that required $1 for a 30 day trial membership. The 30 days are almost up, and one of the first of my friends to complete an offer still hasn't recieved credit. (he doesn't have a confirmation email, but he has the package sent in the mail, and he's faxing it to freepay tomorrow to clear this up). The site only requires 5 referals to meet the requirements.

My question is this If some of my friends/referals calls the offer provider and cancels the membership (so that they don't have to start paying monthly fees) will that jeapordize my chances of recieving my ipod? (ie. will freepay check with these offer providers when reviewing my order?)

Thanks for the help,


22-11-2005 16:14:22

Definitely a possibility. All depends on your luck. You SHOULD be fine but then again, I am having to try and convince Freepay that my refs didn't try to fraud them. They had the same last name and now I am screwed. I hope we get this worked out.


22-11-2005 16:47:08

As long as you've given the trial offer a fair and honest evaluation, I don't believe you're causing yourself any harm by choosing to discontinue your membership.