How does the Paypal card work when using it in stores?

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21-11-2005 12:06:54

Would I run it as debit or credit? I don't have any pin for the paypal card, so what would I use as a pin? Does anyone have any experience with the card and if so could you assist me?


21-11-2005 16:25:01

If you are referring to the Paypal Debit Card, then you have to choose a PIN number for the card before you use it. (Paypal should enclose this information in the envelope that is sent with the card.)

If you have a premier account, then you should be able to sign up for the 1% cash back on credit purchases. Then you would use it as credit; however you can still use it as debit, but if you use it as debit you will NOT receive cash back.

In short, you can use either debit or credit.

If you need to set your pin you can go to your account, and hit teh 'Profile' button under the 'My Account' tab; then under 'Financial Information' press the link for "Paypal Debit Card". On that page, you can then press the button that says 'Change PIN'.


22-11-2005 07:09:20

Debit usually costs money, so if you put your pin in, $$$ out of your pocket.

Credit can make you money with paypal debit, so always use credit!!!
I receive the 1% cashback, its not much but something is better then nothing.