Next Best Payment Method/OC Question

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19-11-2005 11:58:22

Since I didn't want to be a post whore, I tied two topics into one instead of having one in help and the other in OC Forum...Alright, now to the real matter at hand.

1. Whats second to best when it comes to PayPal. and don't work for me for some reason so I'm forced to find some other company like PayPal that has basically the same system which can link to my Citizen's Bank Debit card. I know about Neteller and FirePay...suggestions?

2. Will OC do like, payouts through the mail. If they could do this, I wouldn't have to sign up for a middleman payment company like StormPay, and Neteller but then again most sites don't...sooo...loselose situation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sic Semper Tyrannus


19-11-2005 12:05:44

A bit off topic, but why don't those site work for you?


19-11-2005 12:08:58

No clue, I type in and but they don't work.


19-11-2005 12:22:18

That's weird. Is it in just one computer? Can you log into them using a different computer, but same internet connection?


19-11-2005 17:25:56

Just a little troubleshooting Could you post your Hosts file?


If it has or, it will not let you access the site.