oh5srt4 a scammer? - everyone read

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23-03-2005 11:08:38

hi everyone

i got an email from paypal today saying that "jason enders" aka oh5srt4 had reversed my payment of $20 for his psps4free.com referral. it says that i have "received funds from an account with reports of fraudulent bank account use."

whats the deal with this oh5srt4? please find me on aim or private message me. i'd like to get the $20 that you owe me back.

if this is due to something that he cannot control than i understand, but why are you sending people money from a stolen bank account?

just a warning for everyone, even though he has a +9 trade record.


23-03-2005 11:10:38

What a freakin' idiot!


23-03-2005 11:11:14

he didn't put money in his account yet, i already talked to him. just give him a few more days.


23-03-2005 11:14:37



23-03-2005 11:16:13

[quotea10b31d26d="Stanleychs1437"]he didn't put money in his account yet, i already talked to him. just give him a few more days.[/quotea10b31d26d]

But if he had no money in his paypal, how did he send it to all of us!? It wasn't a credit card funded payment (I can't take them).


23-03-2005 11:22:20

he didn't even send money to me yet.

sigh....i hope he isn't what we think he is....


23-03-2005 11:24:38

His buddy, AIM oh4srt4 a.k.a. gixxermike scammed me like a month ago...but I do not believe they are the same person but I definitely could be wrong...and people with similar morals attract each other...


23-03-2005 11:31:11

I did my offer he still havent done my ipodshuffles4free.com


23-03-2005 12:16:31

[quoteb74f001168="PoPoJiJo"]His buddy, AIM oh4srt4 a.k.a. gixxermike scammed me like a month ago...but I do not believe they are the same person but I definitely could be wrong...and people with similar morals attract each other...[/quoteb74f001168]

i had problems with gixxermike as well. Said he signed up under me for an offer but it never showed up on my end as him even signing up. Thought it may just have been an Gratis website screwup since I read other threads about that happening... now, I'm not so sure.


23-03-2005 12:23:10

Heh, if he did scam us don't worry, I can get all of his Offer Centric sites put on hold through my contact. I'm hoping he wasn't scamming people, and honestly don't think he was since he seemed so nice when he sent me cash and was always a pleasant fellow to work with.


23-03-2005 12:33:45

he didn't scam me... i paid him $10 to do fdpc and he did the offer right when we were talking.. went green about 5 days later (did one of the trilegiant offers) and then i paid him the $5 (i paid $5 first, then $5 when he went green)

so... i dunno he was really good with me.


23-03-2005 12:57:00

yea i've talked to him before he seems nice. i don't know what is up with his paypal account though....


23-03-2005 13:14:40

I went green for him a long while ago, still waiting for his yellow to green on my Gratis. It's been a little over a week, so I'm a bit uneasy about him.


23-03-2005 15:34:48

i've probly had 3 trades with him, very smooth on all of them, good trade experience for me


23-03-2005 16:05:42

Ive had good success with him.
Just caught him on aim...

OH5 SRT4 is what
Its woodie people are claiming u a scamma /
OH5 SRT4 nah
OH5 SRT4 i gig
Its woodie nah what
OH5 SRT4 i aint a scammer
OH5 SRT4 i gtg going out
Its woodie hmm
OH5 SRT4 yo that was my buddy
OH5 SRT4 na i aint scamming...i sent them all emails about the situation
OH5 SRT4 my grandmother is in the hospital witha stroke so iv ehad alot going on and theyre on the bottom of the list right now
OH5 SRT4 i havent had time to get my paycheck to deposit to pay them yet, theyve all been msged


23-03-2005 16:07:43

hey everyone...flatline in regards to your payment...when i sent the money i accidentally selected the wrong payment source, from a bank acct with a neg balance. ill resend the money this evening and for the others who are waiting payment from me, it will also be this evening or tomorrow...youve all been notified of my current family issues, all will be resolved soon! D IM NOT A SCAMMER! cmon people...


23-03-2005 16:24:33

Hey OH5 SRT4 - I'm sorry that I posted this thread as soon as I saw that PP reversed the funds, I guess I'm just afraid of being scammed again on a trade (

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My prayers are with her. I'm sure everything will be ok man.


23-03-2005 16:25:17

he is not a scammer, did a trade with me and he is good!


23-03-2005 16:32:12

just give him some time guys....


23-03-2005 17:17:05

[ba5b81559cd]Any word though on GixxerMike? I have some unfinished business...[/ba5b81559cd]

Armstrong hey, i'm looking for GixxerMike from the FreeiPodGuide...I have money waiting for him to turn his yellow into a green...is this you by chance? thanks for your time.

OH5 SRT4 no im not gixxermike, but hes my buddy, he hastn been online b/c he just moved out of his house and doesnt have internet

Armstrong oh ok

Armstrong do you know if he'll be around anytime soon?

OH5 SRT4 no clue, havent seen or talked to him in a few days

Armstrong alright, well thanks for your help

OH5 SRT4 np


04-05-2005 12:52:01

I went green on psps4free on 4/14 for oh5srt4. It's been 3 weeks and still no payment.. That's a long time don't you think??

oh5srt4 I would really appreciate it if you could pay me ASAP. Thanks!


04-05-2005 13:13:57

he had to move i believe and now hes running dial up....and im also waiting on a payment or a referral


04-05-2005 21:37:46

I'm waiting on payment and a referral from him too, but he told me that his Paypal account got put on hold. Someone made a false claim against his account, and he is trying to get it worked out, so just give it a little time.


08-05-2005 18:41:41

its been WEEKs ive did a trade with him, i signed up and did an offer an greened less then 2 days, and its been weeks he still hasnt signed up and hasnt pm me lately...


10-05-2005 19:59:16

It's been a month (only a few days short) now since I turned green. No payment, no more replies.. Don't know what's going on.. (


10-05-2005 20:01:45

He's posting on the A4F boards, =\