Of ALL people... JUNIOR6886 is a Scammer.

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09-11-2009 03:35:36

[EDIT I notified TSJ about this on Oct. 29th. He read the PM but did not reply back. I will take that as consent to go ahead and post this]

Back in September, JUNIOR6886 agreed to complete an offer for me on "YourFreeZuneHD" for $30.

He registered under my referral link, but never completed an offer.

I sent him a private message on October 19th, letting him know that it's been over a month, and if he could file a credit request. He never replied (he hasn't been logged into this site since Sept. 26, four days after he set his status to "Gone Yellow").

So, I waited for awhile... After giving him ample time to log in and check his PM, I decided to send him an instant message over AIM, asking him to file an MCR [manual credit request]... He immediately blocked my screen name.

I never would've expected this sort of behavior from you.