Caleb1 has gone red

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19-08-2009 16:12:15

I paid Caleb1 $30 for a green a few weeks back and he went red on me. I contacted him and he sent a message back saying that he "didn't have the money to refund me" but he will get someone else to green the site for me.

I sent a message back saying no I just want my money and he has since ignored me.

Be careful of trading with him.


27-08-2009 08:37:19

Be careful trading with me? How can you be so sure of who I am. You contacted trainn and was told that my red is due to an address mistake. Like I told you before, all my trainn accounts are ok. I've already send note to trainn asking for a resolution.
I am not ignoring you, I've answer all your pms each time I log in and you know that.
I've previously gave you options. If I don't get this resolve, I will pay you the first week of October. I work full time and I am a full time student. I will get paid the first week of October.[/sizea9a36d618a]


27-08-2009 14:50:04

A full-time college student that can't even use the correct tense of "send", "resolve", or "gave"?


10-09-2009 10:03:14

You didn't respond to me for a week or longer which is why I opened this thread. Caleb did contact me and say he would try to get this resolved but this thread was opened WAY before he sent a response.

Also Trainn did not specifically say it was an address mistake to me, they said you used false information or something which could be anything.

Anywho, I was told by Caleb that I would be refunded the first week of September, not October and now its going on the second week of September and I have yet to get a response from him or a refund.

Until I see the refund or get another response, this thread will stay open.


23-09-2009 14:00:04

Just an update, Caleb is still out of contact.

Don't trade with him.