DO NOT TRADE WITH hieoctane or Jessi1

Live forum:


26-07-2009 14:56:26

I am beginning to think they are the same person, especially since the only TR hieoctane has is form Jessi1. Even if they aren't, Jessi1 has owed me a green for weeks and has now lost contact, and hieoctane signed up for my site when he knew he had already completed it, and then still tried to tell me I owed money. It's getting very suspicious. Either way, don't trade with either of those people!


28-07-2009 19:42:02

You are absolutely wrong, we are not the same person. I signed up for your site and completed my offer, its not my fault that it did not credit. I do not owe you anything since you have already remove your green. I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING AND YOU KNOW IT!! You pm me, telling me that you were going to post as if I scammed, how is that if I signed up and did my offer.