jessi1 is a scammer

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24-07-2009 07:03:58

she was suppose to pay on green never did then a week later comes back and tells me i am red and i am not now because i was rude she refuses to pay trade at your own risk


26-07-2009 04:21:56

i recieved this message from another trader Hello, I am a moderator no another trading forum called TFX. I wanted to inform you that the Jessi1 person you did a site for is most likely a scammer that has taken many users in the past. They match another user that had been banned under the name anabiz, and anabiz77They may pay you and I certainly hope they do. I recommend you take it easy and try to be nice. I think she is trying to be legit to a certain extent.

Was your trade agreement to be paid on green or on approval?
Can you tell me the site you did for them and let me know the referral number they gave you? If they turn out to be a scammer maybe your referral can be tranferred to another user with the site you did. I maybe able to help you by speaking with support or helping you get transferred if it needs to be done.
Let me know,

PS I just noticed you posted a scammer thread on her this morning. I do not want to post in there so I do not set off her alarms as she probably knows who I am as she took $7 from me on a no cc site last August not to mention I banned her from the TFX forum a few weeks ago.

sandra habina

26-07-2009 22:50:44

Jessi1 needs to pay these people who have greened for her.

That is just not right. I hope she proves she is a descent trader asap.


27-07-2009 10:18:57

Hi, I was informed Melmel, is someone who changes ip address to green trainn sites, that is the main reason for which I was reluctant to pay until Alan approves her green. Now she got upset because I decided to pay on approval and said that she would turn red in purpose. I have proof of all that.
I am not trying to scam anyone, Iam legi and willing to do my part with everyone.

sandra habina

28-07-2009 22:42:57

Melmel should be green and approved by now - so you should pay her or like the mod above said she can get her green moved if you are the scammer annabiz77.

This is a shame to anyone but especially to newbies. Makes them give up on trading. There are GOOD traders out here Melmel.

Jessi1 - I hope you have paid Melmel by now. oops


17-08-2009 16:37:17

completed for jessi 3 days ago, have not been able to contact since. i contacted the site and had them revoke my credit until she pays.