Don't trade with anature777!

Live forum:


22-10-2008 21:41:06

Had a trade with her, worked fine.

Was her last ref for givafree site and went green within 24 hrs. She signed up a few days later and said she completed 2 offers. This was Oct 6th. I haven't had contact with her since. Added her to Yahoo! Messenger and tried to reach her there. I finally asked support ( if she clicked any offers and received this response

"Bonus Support This person has not clicked on any offers."

So, many failed attempts to contact, last time she was on the board was Oct 10th and now confirmation that she never even clicked any offers leaves me to believe she is a scammer. Will post any updates if I receive them...


28-11-2008 12:58:44

I had 2 trades with this user on a different forum and her name on that forum was Anahelps and she scammed me and was labeled as a scammer and not allowed to do anymore trades until she pays me which it has been almost 2 months so I don't think she will be back-( She was also banned on another forum for scamming along with having multiple accounts as Anabiz77 and Salz1. I know this is the same person as Anature777 because that is the email she gave me in our trade. So sorry you got scammed too-( If it makes you feel any better all of her referrals were revoked on the givafree site because of my complaint on the other forum so she lost out on alot of money just because she didn't pay. I don't know if they ban or label as scammers on this forum but if they do they should definately do it to this user so noone else gets scammed. Again, so sorry!