Anyone else had problems with**g_morris_24** Is he scammer?

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19-08-2008 06:33:12

Hi there,

Here is my sad story. At my begining I tried to do g4g. I was only 2-3 iTR when I got contacted by g_morris_24 asking me if I can do g4g with him. At that time he had 4 iTR. Since he had great feedback, I accepted the trade. As per rules I went first and although I was strunggling due the offers availability (the gift to be Canadian) I greened for him in less then 1 week.
Told him so, and he registered with my site too, but never attempted to do one offer, not he kept communication with me. I sent him lots of PMs, e-mails and even asked Mods help. I guess something happen after I asked Mods help, cause he sent me an e-mail saying that he was busy, but will do my offers that night. Well he didn't and nor he ever aswered any of my messages since. That was well around mid of July.
I am not sure if I shall classify him as scammers, but I guess I had more then enough patience waiting over a month and a half for him to green for me with no success.
If anyone knows him and can contact him, would you please tell him to contact me.
At this point I would even accept payment if he cannot/doesn't want to green for me (I told him this also in messages).

What do you think I shall do? Is this another loss I shall take?


sandra habina

23-08-2008 23:06:13

I would contact the moderator again, and see if they have some information for you.

Best of Luck Dear


24-08-2008 05:23:29

thanks hon


24-08-2008 09:02:21

It might be too late now, but why don't you contact the site you did for him and see if you can get your ref removed? He hasn't been on here since late June.

I've limited his use of the trade module for what it's worth, but if he's gone there's not much we can do.


24-08-2008 10:35:06

I done that, but they said they cannot help me and cannot remove me from his account(. I really feel helpless with this guy


12-09-2008 18:59:41

Didn't get to see this thread earlie... I actually traded with him too almost @that same time. By then, he was involved with the flooding @ where he is located, had issues with his internet and all... he later got in touch apologized and completed our trade impromptu. Hope it went ok for u too...


12-09-2008 19:02:40

Actually not. He never bothered to answer any of my messages or PMs. And I am sure he is online and doing well in another forum. Honestly I think he is a scammer. It passed so long and he even didn't bother to send me a reply