Avoid username >>>>> Taintwookie <<<

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11-08-2008 11:48:02

Username >> Taintwookie
This user contacted me with 0 posts and 0 TR and did not ask or need any help.
They requested money.123stuff4free and did the site very quickly and then went on hold.
Here is a screenshot of the hold... http//img="212.imageshack.us" alt=""/img212/2499/money123stuff4freeholddj5.jpg

They have not attempted to fix the hold and have avoided conversation with me.
I did not pay them. I had suspected them to be a scammer


11-08-2008 14:13:49

that's weird. i was lurking around the forums the other day and I saw his user name and a post he made, and I immediately thought something was up. Obviously, I didn't say anything because it was just a hunch and I had nothing to base it on, but your post is definitely not a shock to me haha.

I'm glad you didn't pay him, that's awesome D


11-08-2008 16:37:14

Well... he greened for me on giftcards4free Trainn site. very fast green, within 24 hours, its been over a week, hasn't gone red, (knock on wood)

I'm sorry It didn't work out for you, I can show you a screenshot of him on my account, hes definitely green )


11-08-2008 23:57:06

He's greened for me on 2 sites now with no problems (yet). and he is working on 2 others for me. I guess well see how it turns out. but the name does seem very scammer-esque (if thats a word) hopefully he will come thru for you


12-08-2008 08:35:54

Hi there,

I got a bad experience with some other users. Just to let you know guys. My 2 referrals been green and pre-approved for over 3 weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't finish my trainn site in that time and they gone red (2 of them). I wasn't that lucky, I paid them after pre-approval and I am busted now.
I guess, although it is unfair for the serious traders, maybe it is better to pay on trainn after final approval.
Good luck guys.