Adriona Hurless didn't complete trade

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20-07-2008 07:21:39

i pre paid Adriona Hurless on the 19th of june via paypal $35 to complete my trainn dvdrecorders site(since i had no tr at the time) she confirmed the trade but never signed up on the site. i have contacted her abt. it(with the help of the mods) and she had forgot all abt. it it seems but still no action and had to file a claim w/ paypal.


20-07-2008 07:58:59

what's her username, just so we know not to deal with her.


20-07-2008 12:06:39

that is her username her real name is christina(got that from paypal)


20-07-2008 14:54:44

that sucks man. looks like she hasn't signed on since 7-02 so hopefully she's just on vacation or something.

has she read your pm's?


20-07-2008 16:46:13

yeah here is the last one she sent on the 2nd-"ya know people have other jobs then just this forum you need to give me time to reply. i totally dont remember any trade with you but if you are asking for a refund on a site . fine you can have it im not pressed. if you would of politley reminded me of the trade i may have finished it. but who want s to do business like this. sorry for the delay on my part. and that paypal account is on hold so it wouldnt do you any good to put in a claim. I do however need your paypal addresss so i can send the payment back."

i never received a refund and i even emailed her account listed w/ paypal. i'm not to concerned abt. the money(it would be nice to see-but you know) i just do not want to see this happening to other new people on the forum.


20-07-2008 17:01:36

thanks for looking out.

she seems mad that she's a scammer P


20-07-2008 19:28:16

thats what i thought too.


20-07-2008 20:38:13

She's got family members here on the forum (bugs53666 and sandra habina), maybe they'll step forward to help you out.


20-07-2008 20:40:24

oh jeez, if she's related to them, chances are she'll do right by you in the long run.

Sandy and Bugs are two really really honest people so I must assume it runs in the family D

That should be a sigh of relief for ya, AceMckean


20-07-2008 21:09:36

thats good- i didn't post this to start trouble for anyone- thats the last thing i want to do. i like it on here, everyone seems really nice, and i have been trading for a while and know how things go. i even contacted a mod first and went through that path- like i said be-4 i just want other newbies to watch out- this was not the first one that contacted me abt. paying first- just beware and research your fellow traders!!!


21-07-2008 10:46:20

hi, adriona is a relative of mine who has quit trading. please contact me and I will see that you are refunded. Her internet is out and now she is moving. Im sorry for the problems.